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Led by City Council Members Lucas, Reed, and Shields,
the Council passed a Minimum Wage Ordinance that would lift salaries for the working poor to $13 per hour by the year 2013!

City Council persons who voted yes, are to be applauded for their courage and their moral tenacity to do the right thing for the most vulnerable of our citizens who take the personal responsibility to work for a living.  We applaud the courage and moral tenacity of Lucas, Reed, Shields, Loar, Cannady, Barnes, Taylor, and McManus for ensuring that this ordinance became law.

We regret other Council members, including the Mayor, chose, and have continually chosen, not to provide strong leadership on this issue to bring economic justice for the working poor.  Nevertheless, on this day . . . 

The Working Poor Win!


The latest Missouri Supreme Court ruling supporting St. Louis' legal right to lift its minimum wage has sparked various responses across the state of Missouri.  The Missouri General Assembly, in its ardent and callous attempts to block justice, is currently fast tracking legislation that would preempt local municipalities from lifting the minimum wage for their own workers.  Please call your legislature in the Missouri General Assembly and encourage them to fight this effort.

Finally, SCLC-GKC's $15 Per Hour Living Wage Ordinance will be on the ballot
in the City of Kansas City, MO on August 8th,2017!

We remain absolutely committed to its passage and implementation for the working poor. 
We support any and all efforts of any and all persons who stand and fight for what is right for the most vulnerable in our community.  

Forward Together,
Dr. Vernon Percy Howard, Jr. - SCLC-GKC President

Prophetic Voices Push For Minimum Wage Increase Supporting The Working Poor!
For more information visit The Working Poor Win!

Attorney Taylor Fields, Esq. who argued case before Missouri Supreme Court where Justices delivered their decision in favor of putting 
SCLC-GKC's $15 per hour living wage ordinance on the ballot in Kansas City, Missouri.

Supporters of One City - The Central City Economic Development Initiative
Need Your Help!

SCLC President, Dr. Howard and Vice President, Rev. Mann helped to lead non-violent, direct action, civil disobedience protest at Missouri Senate which led to the trial of the Medicaid 23.  Also, in the group raising prophetic witness is SCLC board member Bishop James D. Tindall and staffer Rev. Chaunia Chandler. 

Dr. Howard quoted, raising the question, "Do not the poorest of the poorest citizens of Missouri have a right to the same quality of healthcare that legislators enjoy?"  The answer: "Yes, they do!" 
The Legacy Lives: Come Join the Poor People's Campaign
Mission Statement:  To activate, agitate, and advocate on behalf and in defense of all poor and oppressed people as we pursue together in Christian witness, the manifestation of justice, equality, love, and peace in the society.  
Micah 6:8, Luke 4:18
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