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National Office
SCLC of Greater Kansas City
Board Officers

Rev. Dr. Vernon Percy Howard, Jr.
Att. Wesley Fields, Esq.          Rev. Samuel E. Mann             Att. Taylor Fields, Esq. 
Board Chairman                       Vice President                             Treasurer

Board Members:

Emanuel Cleaver, II - President Emeritus, Rev. Bob Hill, Rev. Gina Houston, Rev. John Modest Miles, Suzetta Parks, Rev. Kenneth Ray, Bishop James D. Tindall, Sr., Alberta Walker, Dr. Herman Watson

Special Support Staff:

Rev. Chaunia Chandler - Special Support Staff, Arlana Coleman - Event Coordinator, Jessie Ward - Secretary to the Board, Eld. David Curry - Website Support

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To promote recognition of Dr. King as a significant historical figure, and to promote the importance of his philosophy and teachings in the positive development of the United States and Global Community.


To create or reinforce community partnerships for the purpose of overcoming racial barriers, prejudices, myths and suspicions existing in our community, and to develop relationships among the various faith communities.


To educate Kansas City residents about the national holiday, and to expand the celebration of Dr. King’s birthday to be a community-wide celebration.


To nurture partnerships between all ethnic and religious communities in support of quality arts programs, economic development opportunities, spiritual growth, and equal opportunity activities to enhance the quality of life for all persons.

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